Robert is an editor & a publisher
His work is to find and publish
the best works,ours is to buy and
handle its copyrights.
Carmen is a literary agent
Working with us gives her more time
to look for the perfect Publisher
for her authors without losing
control of Copyright.
Charles is an illustrator
He loves working on projects with
the editor but he hates to think
about contracts or statements, so
he leaves them in our hands.
Laure is a writer
She loves writing and reading great
literature. To read good contracts,
she trust in our professionalism.


Advice on contracts

Review of national & international copyright contracts

Amendment of terms and conditions adapted to the market and customer

First or second stage negotiation

Management of contracts and royalty statements

Drafting of contracts

Monitoring, tracking & maintenance of contracts (signatures, addendums, renewals, cancellations, etc.)

Preparation or review & management of royalty statements

Management of permissions and licenses

Finding proprietors or holders of rights

Revision of texts, including quotes, to determine Fair Use and/or Public Domain

Drafting of permissions and subsidiary licenses

Additional Services

Foreign representation, management agencies and a full range of rights-related services.


We are a group of professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the publishing industry,
who are willing to put our knowledge at your service.


Our services are used by:
Authors, illustrators, translators, publishers, literary agencies, other entities

Our reasons

We believe creativity is necessary and its protection essential.

Copyright is and will always be the necessary step to carry this out wherever in the world our different forms of communication spread.

We believe that any improvement in the copyright management will help the sector to be stronger.

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